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We specialize in photographing candid moments in a storybook way for personal and corporate events, weddings, sessions, travels, landscapes, sports, and more.

[Photo: Michael Yuen]Our History
The company's founder and principal photographer, Michael Yuen, has had a passion for the great outdoors since 2005. When he started taking pictures of landscapes at remote locations that were days away by foot, he discovered how much he enjoyed the art form, and founded yuen Studios in 2007 after encouragement from those who loved his photos.

Since then he has been appreciating and looking for the beauty, emotions, and interactions that occur between individuals and groups through all stages of life. He has been photographing these moments at events, weddings, engagements, sessions, and travels in a way he loves the most: a story book to remember.

He enjoys taking inspiring photos that convey beauty, optimism, positivity, tenderness, laughter, perserverance, and the wonders of life.

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